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Anxiety & Depression 

Your latest argument with your teen leaves you feeling frustrated and angry. Your once sweet little angel has become more withdrawn or defiant. You're worried about your child's declining grades, extreme irritable mood swings, increasing isolation from the family or possible substance abuse or self harm behavior. You've tried talking, taking away their cell phone and electronics, and grounding them. Yet your efforts fall on deaf ears.  You're at your wit's end and don't know what to do. Not feeling connected to or capable of helping your child can be a painful experience for any parent.



We can help! Our skilled therapists can assist you in guiding your child move beyond what’s holding them back as well as gain life skills to succeed in the future.

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We CAN help with:

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Self-esteem

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Issues related to dating relationships

  • Identity formation

  • Anger

  • Effects from Divorce 

  • Parent relationship concerns

  • Academic struggles

Our Approach

We'll welcome your teen with a safe space where they can express their inner thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement or disapproval.


They'll learn tools on how to:


  • handle life's stressors and their intense emotions.

  • change their negative thoughts and self talk. 

  • how to communicate their needs in ways that you and others can hear them — instead of screaming or shutting down.

  • set boundaries with themselves and their peers

  • recognize healthy vs. unhealthy relationships.

Our therapists focus on families in our therapy with teens. We view families as tight systems–when one member of the family is struggling, everyone is struggling. What this translates to in our practice is that we don’t just work with teens in isolation.  

Parents, you are an important part of your teen’s therapy


While you might not always be physically present in the therapy session, your support matters and we will be in communication as much as you, your teen, and their therapist decides is appropriate. There will be certain sessions where we'll meet with you and your teen to give everyone a chance to have a voice and to give your family a chance to practice different ways of interacting with each other. In family sessions, we want to create something positive and meaningful in our time together so you can have a stronger relationship with your teen built on mutual understanding and respect.

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Our Therapists

 At Tampa Life Counseling, we are experts in helping teens and their families! With our specialty on adolescents, we are competent at not just helping your teen with the difficult challenges they face, but also with helping parents know what to do and to just know they aren’t alone. Our therapist have connected with alot of teenagers and parents for many years. We are fluent and familiar with teens every day stressor from bullying, dating, parents divorce, etc. Whatever your teen is struggling with, we will work together toward positive change. 


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