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Child Therapy for Anxiety & Depression



Do you feel  worried about your child's little one’s behavior,  ability to form and maintain friendships  or  inability to control impulses?

 Does your child have uncontrollable temper tantrums or meltdowns which leaves you feeling embarrassed, exhausted, and powerless to do anything about it? 

Perhaps your child is acting out at school, misbehaving, or being defiant—even aggressive toward others. Or maybe you’re worried that their self-isolating behavior is indicative of something deeper, such as depression or anxiety.

We can help!

 Our team of therapists have the expertise and skills to assist your child.   

Issues We work with:




Although children are capable of feeling all of the same emotions we do, children often lack the verbal ability or appropriate vocabulary to express themselves in conversation.Therefore, children’s counseling approaches a child at their own level, giving them a safe and welcoming outlet to express themselves through art and play therapy. 


Play therapy refers to treatment methods that apply to the therapeutic benefits of play. Play therapy uses toys, art and stimulating activities to help a child express their inner-most thoughts and emotions. In the process, the therapist's role is the help a child identify and address their own problems and resolve them through play. This is especially helpful when they do not have the words to express themselves. Play is the language and the words are the toys. Children who have been through traumatic or difficult life events can utilize play as a safe way to process and release pent-up emotions. A child’s therapist understands how to translate a child’s play style and guide them through a narrative that promotes strength, resilience and healing. The benefits of play include increased communication, social and emotional regulation,  formation of problem-solving skills and advanced cognitive development .



Our strengths-based family-focused model encourages parents to be involved in the treatment of their child. We will work together with you to develop positive discipline strategies and better communication skills so that you are more prepared to handle challenges and begin to feel more confident in your parenting. 


Family therapy focuses on helping the family function in more positive and constructive ways by exploring patterns of communication and providing support and education.  Family therapy sessions can include the child or adolescent along with parents, siblings, and grandparents. It can also be co-parenting through divorce, single families, and blending families. 


Since family makes for the first relationships formed in life, it is important to maintain strong and positive ties within it. In times of trouble, more often than not, family members become the pillars of strength and support that children ultimately need. This holistic approach, tends to be more effective in causing long term change and produce more positive results. 



“Play is a child’s work and it is not trivial pursuit” – Alfred Adler

Benefits of Counseling for Children

Therapy can help children overcome bullying, recover from loss, work through trauma and grief, and improve their behavior. Children will learn important life  skills in an environment that is uplifting and supportive. To learn more about our children’s counseling services and how they can help your child, reach out to us today.

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