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You Can Have the Relationship You Want.


Are you tired of have the same arguments again and feeling alone in your relationship? 

You've grown distant from  the most important person in your life. It feels like you’ve tried everything to improve your relationship. You’ve read relationship self help books. You've tried talking but end up feeling misunderstood and  dismissed. You've resorted to suppressing your feelings, needs, and wants to avoid arguments. Then somehow your partner's comment or actions touches a nerve and you blow up. You and your partner are stuck in the same cycle of arguing where it escalates to yelling or cold silence.  This is not the "happy ever after" you dreamed of.  

The intense anger, hurt, loss of trust, or sense of betrayal slices deep into your heart. It seems like you can't please your partner no matter how hard you try.  You're desperate to fix your relationship but you're exhausted from trying so hard to make the relationship work. The hope of connection with your partner is evaporating. 

You’re not alone. Most relationships go through hard times! It is an inevitable part of going through predictable relationship stages. Regardless of where you are at currently, you have already invested so much in your relationship. What if you don’t have to break up or file for divorce? What if working on these challenges in marriage therapy can actually bring you closer together?

Couple by the Sea




Our couples counselors in Tampa Bay are skilled in the most up-to-date research and educational information available on relationships. We use research based intervention strategies based on the Gottman Method and Emotion Focused Therapy. No matter your needs, our experts can help guide you toward an intimate and strong relationship.

Our goal is to support you in having the fulfilling, passionate relationship you desire.

Our couples often express feeling hopeful after their initial session. Our approach is warm, interactive, and practical. At Tampa Life Counseling, we start with the premise that something is right in a relationship and use a strength based approach as a starting point. We create a safe space for couples to explore and share their thoughts, emotions, and needs.

You will each be heard and guided toward responding to each other instead of reacting. We offer tools to help couples understand and change destructive patterns and promote healthier connections. You will learn new ways to communicate and be guided in identifying patterns that keep you stuck so you can start feeling like you’re on the same team again. You will be guided toward sharing and nurturing one another’s needs, comforting and soothing each others hurts and building a deeper bond and sense of connection with each other. You will acquire skills to navigate conflict, overcome present challenges and  future challenges. 

What we do together

We’ll help you understand both your intrapersonal and interpersonal struggles in a way that guides you to communicate better, repair after fights, and feel more deeply and securely connected.

  • Identify your goals, and acknowledge what you’re getting that’s good – to build on and get more of it.

  • Learn a healthy relationship framework and create agreements that work for both of you creating win-win scenarios.

  • Identify negative cycles and interactions that keep you two stuck. Learn how to identify and get out of those cycles.

  • Obtain relational tools and skills to have the relationship you want.​

  • Practice relationship building exercises to create and maintain connection.

  • Actively appreciate and acknowledge the best parts of each other.

You will gain the ability to communicate in more powerful ways  that foster greater security, trust, and emotional intimacy with  your partner. 


Our Approach

Clinical research shows that 86% of couples improve after a brief period of EFT guidance, and 73% have maintained their improvements two years later.


With Emotion Focused Couples Counseling You Will…

  • Stop having the same argument(s) over and over again

  • Return to a deeper level of intimacy

  • Recover from an infidelity or another breach of trust

  • Work on your relationship even though your partner doesn't seem available

  • Feel more secure in your sex life

  • Navigate life transitions from a place of connection and understanding of each other

  • Reduce the frequency and intensity of communication breakdowns

Stop struggling. Book your call now.

NOW is the best time to strengthen your relationship

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy is proven to help.

Telehealth & Video sessions and in person available. 

Meet our Couples & Marriage Therapists

Ha Albert, LCSW

Jamie Lynn Estrada, LMFT

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