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You may be feeling alone and misunderstood by the ones you love or misplaced in a crowd of people. It is isolating to feel like no one understands what you are going through, carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders all by yourself.  You can't move beyond the fear of being judged by others and holding yourself to unrealistic expectations. You may also feel defeated because you're not  in control of your emotions or situation and you're reaching out for support.

Often times we deny ourselves the support we deserve because we hold ourselves to unrealistic expectations or worry about the judgment of other people. Either way, we end up only hurting ourselves.  This is something I've been guilty of too, thinking I can handle the weight of the world on my shoulders even though lifting weights has never been my speciality.  

 Hi I'm Ciara Gorby and I want you to know this moment does not define you. 

You deserve to feel heard.

You deserve the time and the effort.  

It's not unrealistic to be  best version of yourself that you're proud of.  It's possible for the cycle to end and make the changes you need to be successful. Whether you're a tween, teen, or full blown adult, I'm here to support you.


I am passionate about helping you discover the most authentic version of yourself. Encompassing my own experience with the shared experiences of my clients, I have rooted my practice in transparency and compassion to give you the space you need to heal. Whether your struggles compare to or are nothing like mine, you will always be the expert of your own experience. In your healing journey, you can be the expert and I can be your guide. We'll build meaningful goals and accomplish them together. I will support you as you work through your challenges, even when it feels like no one else understands what you are going through. Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I will help you identify and transform negative thought patterns and behavior which cause distress.  In addition, you will develop personal insight and new skills  where you will feel empowered to begin writing your new story: the one where you are in control.


It's a big world, but let me help you make it yours.

So, let's talk about how we can move forward.

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