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One of the most common signs that your child may need counseling is if they are having behavior problems both inside and outside of the home. Pay attention to significant shifts in their usual daily habits and interests, especially if they occur more frequently than usual.  Seek counseling if your child exhibits any of these signs: 

  • Has problems in multiple areas of life, such as family relationships, academic performance, leisure activities and friendships.

  • Makes comments like “I wish I weren’t here,” or “Nobody would care if I ran away.”

  • Has repetitive, self-destructive behaviors such as hair-pulling or skin-picking.

  • Starts feeling bad about themselves, less confident or less effective.

  • Withdraws from family, friends or activities they used to enjoy.

  • Has a significant change in sleep habits or appetite.

  • Shows excessive worry about the future.

  • Engages in negative behavior more frequently.

  • Talks about or engages in any kind of self-harm.

  • Talks explicitly about suicide.

  • Expresses hopelessness.


We can help!

 Our team of therapists have the expertise and skills to assist your child.   

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Children are naturally equipped with the ability to learn and evolve from their environment. While they are capable of feeling all of the same emotions we do, children often lack the verbal ability or appropriate vocabulary to express themselves in conversation.Therefore, children’s counseling approaches a child at their own level, giving them a safe and welcoming outlet to express themselves through art and play therapy. Play therapy refers to treatment methods that apply to the therapeutic benefits of play.

“Play is a child’s work and it is not trivial pursuit” – Alfred Adler

Play therapy uses toys, art and stimulating activities to help a child express their inner-most thoughts and emotions. In the process, the therapist's role is the help a child identify and address their own problems and resolve them through play. This is especially helpful when they do not have the words to express themselves. Play is the language and the words are the toys. Children who have been through traumatic or difficult life events can utilize play as a safe way to process and release pent-up emotions. A child’s therapist understands how to translate a child’s play style and guide them through a narrative that promotes strength, resilience and healing. The benefits of play include increased communication, social and emotional regulation,  formation of problem-solving skills and advanced cognitive development (adapted from APA literature)

Family Therapy & Parent Consultation


In addition to addressing the child's specific issues, we also invite parents into the therapeutic process. Sometimes the therapist may recommend a few family sessions to help improve the parent-child relationship or sibling-to-sibling relationship, should there be any problems. Since family makes for the first relationships formed in life, it is important to maintain strong and positive ties within it. In times of trouble, more often than not, family members become the pillars of strength and support that children ultimately need. This holistic approach, tends to be more effective in causing long term change and produce more positive results. 

Family therapy is defined as helping the family function in more positive and constructive ways by exploring patterns of communication and providing support and education. Family therapy sessions can include the child or adolescent along with parents, siblings, and grandparents. It can also be co-parenting through divorce, single families, and blending families. Parent consultation is done when parents are looking to discuss parenting strategies and want to implement those on their own. This can be a quick and cost-effective way to get some questions answered and see real success within your family.

Benefits of Counseling for Children

Therapy can help children overcome bullying, recover from loss, work through trauma and grief, and improve their behavior. Children will learn important life  skills in an environment that is uplifting and supportive. To learn more about our children’s counseling services and how they can help your child, reach out to us today.


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